Open Source advocate. Composer. Programmer. Pro-gamer. Living somewhere around (24°N, 121°E) on earth.


Tried various distros since 2018, including Ubuntu, elementary OS, Linux Mint, Zorin OS, Ubuntu Studio, AV Linux, Feren OS, KDE neon, Regata OS, MX Linux, Nitrux, Manjaro, Arch Linux, Archcraft, Garuda Linux. Now live on Manjaro KDE.

Open source

Aside from Linux, FOSS (Free and open source software) ensures the freedom of people to communicate, compute, create, etc. without being controlled by commercial enterprise. From web browsers to media players, FOSS might not be powerful enough for professional users, but can possibly be the most versatile ones.


Play the clarinet and the piano whilst mostly compose for concert band. Use FOSS DAWs and plugins whenever possible, but whatever sounds great are still kept in my disk.


Played over 3000 hours of RTS games such as Age of Empires Series, Rise of Nations, StarCraft and StarCraft II (GM/Master 1 in KR). Despite being good in other genres, RTS is the most intriguing one to me.


From Shogi (Japanese chess) to mathdoku, everything might appear here. More functionalities (like multilingual) of this site are on the way.